Anatomy of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Cast: The Crew Here to Steal the Show

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area features an unprecedented heist in the chaotic dystopian peninsula of North and South Korea as they go on the verge of peaceful yet sudden unification. Below, we introduce the crew and cast who will not only execute, but fuel the ultimate heist to come!

Yoo Ji-tae, from the international award-winning film Old Boy, is the Professor – the mastermind behind the heist. The Professor plays a vital role in this series from the beginning, since he is responsible for organizing details and recruiting the thieves from North and South Korea. Yoo Ji-tae said, “To me, the Professor is a genius strategist who plans the heist through his principles and visions.” Behold how the Professor will meticulously guide his crew to execute this greatest heist.

Park Hae-soo, from the global sensation Squid Game, will shift gears to portray Berlin, a cold yet brutal member in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. A North Korean who spent 25 years in a concentration camp, Berlin plays a field leader among the thieves during the heist. The rebellious Berlin, who believes total control over people can only be derived from fear and division, will heighten the tension of the plot.

Jun Jong-seo plays Tokyo. She is a North Korean who immigrated to South Korea with a “Korean Dream” when the borders opened. Unlike how she imagined, her life in the South is not so dreamy, but sheer brutal. Just as she finds no hope in life, the Professor persuades her to join his master plan. Accepting his offer, Tokyo is one of the characters who truly has faith in the Professor. Jun Jong-seo commented on Tokyo as “a character whose every decision changes the entire flow of the game.”

Many more actors will add color to the biggest heist!

(Lee Won-jong as Moscow on the left and Kim Ji-hun as Denver on the right)

Lee Won-jong plays Moscow, and Kim Ji-hun plays his troublesome son Denver. Moscow only dreams of living a normal life with his son. As a South Korean miner, Moscow will be responsible for digging the heist’s grand exit. Denver, a former backstreet gang, will show his own emotional, sexy, yet friendly characteristics. Actor Kim Ji-hun, who was recently appointed to star as the main character in Netflix film Ballerina, will play this multifaceted and lively character.

(Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi on the left and Lee Hyun-woo as Rio on the right)

Jang Yoon-ju plays Nairobi – a South Korean swindler who is an expert at making counterfeits. As previously seen in her past performances, including the film Veteran, Jang Yoon-ju will add energy to the screen. Lee Hyun-woo brings Rio to life – a former medical school dropout who is now the genius hacker of the crew. It would be interesting to see how Lee Hyun-woo, who has shown a broad appeal from various genres in films and K-dramas, will tackle this role.

(Kim Ji-hoon as Helsinki and Lee Kyu-ho as Oslo)

Kim Ji-hoon portrays Helsinki (aka Ko Myungtae), and Lee Kyu-ho plays Oslo. As ethnic Koreans and former members of a Chinese gang, the duo will be in charge of the team’s arsenal.

Fully stored with colorful characters, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will premiere worldwide on June 24th only on Netflix!

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