Listen to Ben & Ben’s new single, “Doors”

Ben & Ben doors

Listen to the new song from the top OPM band of this generation, Ben & Ben with their latest single, “Doors“.

Doors” is the second track that the band produced for 2020. Released locally on April 16 and for their first international release of April 18.

The song is about secrecy and opening up specially with interpersonal conflicts. There has been a lot of interpretations of the song, one of them being that the door is the place where people hide not only from other people but from their selves. Hiding their true feelings yet being hopeful that they will reveal it one day.

The band expressed in a tweet that this is their most favorite song so far describing it as “quite sad but hopeful”. Comparing it to the feeling that most of us have in response to the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You could listen to the official lyrics video right here.

Image source: Youtube

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