Moira Dela Torre releases new heart-wrenching track, ‘Paubaya’

Paubaya Moira Dela TOrre

Moira Dela Torre has done it again: tugged at the heartstrings of many, no, make that wrecked everyone with her song’s (Paubaya) lyrics that hit too close to home.

Released on October 22nd on her YouTube page, Paubaya has more than 6 million views already. It’s the last track of her Patawad album and was co-written by her husband, Jason Hernandez.

One might wonder how a couple who seems to be in good terms could create such heart-breaking songs, the kind that keep many lovestruck and broken-hearted people up in the wee hours of the night, crying, most likely, and ruminating about their complicated relationships, confusing (and often failed) conquests, or imagining their soon-to-be love woes.

But that doesn’t matter because Dela Torre sure knows how to forge that connection and be memorable. Paubaya features lyrics that will make you, at the very least, fight back tears. Every line that Dela Torre sings feels like small, little pins are poked at your heart. But even with the hurt that comes with each song lyric, you won’t be able to help yourself and continue listening, because it’s just that beautiful.

The couple also arranged the track’s music, and worked with musicians Chris Ian Rosales, Luis Cortez and Luke Sigua.

Watch the music video and try not to cry.

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