‘Random Acts of Violence’ gives slasher movies its new shiny knife

Random acts of violence

Random Acts of Violence is an upcoming slasher movie this 2020.

The story of a comic creator named Todd Walkley (Williams) who created Slasherman, a comic about serial murders. Slasherman has garnered a huge amount of fans through its course and has been the craze of a lot of people.

Unable to continue writing, Todd went on a trip to get his creative juices going. As he is still on a stump, he travels around the country to find inspiration. This is when he finds out serial murders from his comics are happening in real life. Conflicted at first he is looking for a way to stop these killings, his own way.

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Random Acts of Violence stars Jesse Williams, Jordana Brewster, Jay Baruchel, Simon Northwood, and Niamh Wilson.

Directed by Jay Baruchel

Images Source: IMDB

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