Real Beth finally revealed?! Let’s talk about Rick and Morty’s Season 4 finale.

Rick and Morty’s Season 4 finale

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars. The final episode of Rick and Morty titled Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri is filled with star wars references that there are too many to mention. A play on Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi is Dan Harmon’s jab to the franchise.

The show pointed out how ridiculous the Death Stars are for having this very large weak spot. The NX 5 is the show’s equivalent of a Death Star but its only weak spot however is it cannot penetrate Wrangler Jeans. But enough with Star Wars. In this article, we want to focus on the elephant in the room and talk about our beloved Beth.

The mystery that most of us are asking ever si nce the talk with Rick was, Is the Beth on the show a clone? Back in season 3, Rick established that Beth is not a clone but can we actually trust what he says?

There will be major spoilers ahead so stick around at your discretion.

After talking with Rick about how stressful it is in the family, Rick offers Beth a chance for a new life. He suggested creating a clone that will take care of her responsibilities here on Earth while she could go on adventures in the Galaxy.

The episode starts off having 2 Beths, One is “Space Beth” and “Home Beth“.
The premise of the episode displays it as if the Home Beth is a clone yet when Space Beth realizes that there’s something implanted inside of her, she assumes it’s a bomb and she confronts Rick about it.

The big reveal however is even Rick doesn’t know who the real one is. To avoid responsibility, after Beth let Rick decide whether she should stay or not, he created a clone of her. Shuffling them and letting one stay and the other one to go on space adventures. He refuses to commit to a certain scenario. He doesn’t want to admit it but his family aside from Jerry is the only thing that keeps Rick at bay. Beth especially is the only one who could make Rick feel genuine emotion the same with his grandchildren even after telling them that they are pieces of s***.

At the end of the season, you could still see Rick being sad yet it’s very different from that time that he wanted to end it all. There’s a realization of accepting reality as it is. No bending it to your will or no incineration. You could tell that he is slowly willing to accept the consequences of his actions.

rick morty

beth rick and mortyBoth Beths made the adult decision by not caring who is the clone. For them, life is what you make out of it. It doesn’t matter if they are the clone or not and deep down this is probably what Rick thinks. Both of them are still his daughters. Maybe the loss of Rick’s wife Diane Sanchez, left him scarred for life that he doesn’t want to be too close with people even with his own family. Him, dodging responsibilities has left him sad and depressed while the Beths have embraced their responsibilities that even in the chaotic situations they are in.

That aside, the show has been shifting a lot and we almost never focus on the adventures anymore but Rick’s relationship with his family and friends.

We know the family doesn’t really care anymore who’s the real Beth or not but we know that you the viewers are still curious. We might have the answer that you’re looking for.

rick and morty

Pocket Morty is a mobile app game by the same creators of the show and it is well known to give some insights on the show itself. An ad for the game might have revealed to us who the real clone is.

The game clearly specifies that the “Space Beth” is the Clone Beth but we’ll let you decide whether to believe it or not.

For more information, Here’s a Youtube video of Dan Harmon himself explaining the situation.

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image sources : IMDB, RickandMortyFandom

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