Redraw Your Summer” With These Cartoon Network-inspired Activities

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Be Mother Earth’s little helping hand

(Crab Shenanigans, Teen Titans Go!)

Off to the beach? Dig your toes into the warm sand and go find unique pebbles and shells for your collection. While you’re at it, help clean up the beach by picking up litter. Even kids can help Mother Earth breathe with this not-so-small act of kindness! Encourage your family and friends to do a clean-up drive every week and make this your playdate. By doing this, you’ll be able to make these gems as memorabilia all while saving our planet.


Be a musical hero in your own universe

(Music to Morbucks Ears, The Powerpuff Girls)

Bring out the rockstar in you and jam out! Try learning a musical instrument and play the songs from your favorite Cartoon Network shows like Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go! and We Baby Bears, or even make up your own jams.

Vibe to your favorite Cartoon Network tunes and let your body do the groovin’ when you participate in the Move Your World workshops led by Steps Dance Studio at the Amazing Creativity camp in Ayala Malls. Sing and dance like there’s no tomorrow and challenge your friends to a fun dance-off! With the whole universe as your audience, you are free to strum away your emotions and express your creativity through different rhythms.


Time to wear your artsy pants

Check out Cartoon Network’s Craft Your World series, a video compilation of art activities kids can try at home ranging from DIY bookmarks, popsicle stick superheroes, jars, and more. In these videos, you can make cute toys based on your favorite Cartoon Network superstars using recycled materials – a fun way to learn about creativity and resourcefulness.

Turn your imagination into reality by dropping by the Amazing Creativity camp at an Ayala Mall near you! Sign up for the Craft Your World workshop and work on your own Cartoon Network themed tops, tote bags, lanyards, and more with the help of our partner, SoFA Design Institute. You can also give your favorite Cartoon Network characters a new look and Create Your World together with the Global Art team. With creativity on your side, the possibilities are truly limitless.


Come up with your own theater play

(Rooms, We Bare Bears)

Anybody can be a great actor…all you need is yourself! Let your imagination run free and come up with your own story to act with your friends. Pretend to be Ice Bear fighting against a villain cucumber or act out the adventures you would go on if you had your own magical box. When you’re ready, step into the spotlight and join us in Imagine Your World workshops. Here, you and your friends can enter into your own unique world through your imagination and encounter the many adventures that awaits you. Led by Make Believe Productions, this workshop will surely awaken the star in you. Remember, you can be the protagonist that you want to be, just trust and believe in yourself.


Visit Redraw Your Summer at Ayala Malls

Ayala x CN RYS header 2

For a fun summer full of adventure, visit the Redraw Your Summer Amazing Creativity Camp at an Ayala Mall near you. Until June 30, meet new friends and create art, experience theater, and dance to the tune of your heart and more all in one day. Have the opportunity to meet and greet your favorite Cartoon Network superstars, plus a chance to participate in designing community art murals at select Ayala Malls.

This camp made possible by our creativity partner, Crayola, exclusive media partner Cignal and learning partners Steps Dance Project, SOFA Design Institute, The Mind Museum, Global Art Philippines, and Make Believe Productions, encourages kids to put their creativity and skills to test while bonding with their friends and family.

Visit and for more details.

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