Inventions, gadgets and technology to check out this month of April on Techstorm


A channel dedicated to anything related to new and innovative inventions, gadgets and technology. Let’s see what Techstorm has to offer for the month of April.


Techstorm the gadget show logoThe Gadget Show

Focuses on consumer technology, the Gadget show broadcasts a wide range of gadgets from your day to day lives and the extreme ones. From gaming consoles, cars, digital innovation and many more. This Techstorm show has been a long-running T.V. show since 2014 and has set off Guinness World Records in their run.

Showing Schedule
April 11 – 12:00 AM & 02:30 AM
April 12 – 07:30 AM, 10:00 AM, 02:30 PM & 07:00 P.M

Starring: Jason Bradbury, Jon Bentley, Suzi Perry, Ortis Deley


techstorm robot warsRobot Wars

A show about robots duking it on a deadly stage field with sparks, chainsaws, and spikes. Robot wars is an extremely unique show featuring robots made by engineers known as “Roboteers“. Immobilizing or destroying the rival’s robot is the main goal of the show while also dodging dangerous hazards in the Robot Arena.

Showing Schedule
April 11 – 12:55 AM & 04:25 AM
April 13 – 09:55 AM & 05:30 PM
April 16 – 06:55 AM & 10:55 AM

Starring: Jonathan Pearce, Noel Sharkey, Dara O Briain

techstorm startupStartup

Forced to work together, A desperate banker, a hacker and a gang lord created a cryptocurrency. To revolutionize the way we conduct money transactions they created GenCon. A currency enabling a lot of people to have control over their money. A simple and legitimate business that turned sour once some of them knew that money it got from startup wasn’t exactly clean.

Showing Schedule
April 11 – 12:00 AM, 03:00 AM & 11:00 PM
April 12 – 12:00 AM, 08:00 AM, 03:00 PM & 08:00 PM

Starring: Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Kristen Ariza, Fredrick Bam Scott

make me a millionaire inventorMake me a Millionaire Inventor

Join our hosts George Zaidan and Deanne Bell as they embark on a mission to find the best inventions and give them a chance of being recognized. With the help of a chemist/advisor, they team up with two sets of inventors and help them prepare their inventions for potential investors.

Showing Schedule
April 12 – 09:00 AM
April 13 – 01:00 PM


Starring: Cynthia Bir, Lala Castro, Alex Cena, Calvin Lee, Justin Phillip

CHinese showChina’s Intelligence AI Mission

Machines V.S. Humans, This show is about machines competing against the pros in their fields. Highlighting the advancements of technology, China’s Intelligence AI Mission is an amazing show that features how far have we come developing these machines and how they could compete with us.

Showing Schedules
April 11 – 05:00 PM
April 12 – 01:00 AM , 11:00 AM & 10:00 PM
April 13 – 09:00 PM

Looking for other exciting watch this April? Check out these shows.

image sources: IMDB, Techstorm

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