6 Feminist Movies to Inspire You This Women’s Month

In lieu of this year’s celebration, we look at some of our favorite films and series that capture the essence of women’s empowerment, strength as well as resilience to stand up again whenever life gets tough.

Start-Up ( 2020 )

This beloved 2020 K-Drama is loved by many, not only for its romantic angle and good-looking actors but for the empowered women in the series. A case in point is the lead character, Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy), a young professional who dreams of a better life and career. In the series, she does chase after her dreams and achieves them after a series of hardships and frustrations. It’s really an inspiring watch, especially if you’re having a bad day at work or in general. Having said that, another strong female character in the series is Choi Won-deok (Kim Hae-sook) who is a pillar of selflessness and generosity throughout the show. She made us shed a few (or a lot) tears, to be honest. Watch it and feel energized and motivated afterward.


Legally Blonde ( 2001 )

Legally Blonde features a very young, perk, and enthusiastic Elle Woods played by Reese Witherspoon (Just Like Heaven, Sweet Home Alabama), who follows her ex-fiancé to Harvard Law School in the hopes of winning him back. Surprisingly, she passes the bar, a prelude to greater things to follow, along with lots of realizations on being a woman and life in general.

The series’s humor and charming casts won the hearts of many and have established itself as one of the go-to watches for movie night and such.


Wonder Woman ( 2017 )

We’ve grown up seeing Batman and Superman in comics, series, and movies, but women have their own set of superhero figures as well, which have risen to popularity in recent years, including the very famous Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot). As a woman, it’s very empowering to see a woman save the world and take center stage in a superhero movie. The movie itself was mind-blowing and we hope for many more female superheroes to grace our screens in the future.


Little Women ( 2019 )

Emma Watson, Merryl Streep, Saoirse Ronan, and many more amazing cast members. What an amazing feeling it is to watch confident and strong women play the characters of empowered women with a mind of their own. The film is proof is though women’s dreams may vary, each is equally important and amazing. 


Mulan ( 2020 )

Mulan may have been the start of Disney’s set of heroes who weren’t waiting or looking for their prince, while they pursued other aspects of life. For Mulan, she ended up saving China and protecting her dad, despite “failing” on being the ideal bride. Apart from its powerful message on the independence and strength of a woman, Mulan is basically an ageless inspiring, and fun watch that anyone can enjoy.


Eat Pray Love ( 2010 )

In 2010, Julia Roberts made her acting come back with Eat Pray Love, a story based on the autobiographical book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Some may agree with her views on marriage and life, while some may strongly oppose, but one thing is for sure. Elizabeth Gilbert’s effort to find herself and start over is admirable. Don’t ever be afraid to start over, because that’s when the healing begins.


For sure, there are times when we will that being a woman is the best thing in the world. There are also times when we feel that it puts the weight of the world on our shoulders. Like anything in life, it’s not perfect, but it definitely brings priceless and inexplicable joy, a blessing that’s celebrated every day, and most especially now that it’s International Women’s Month.

We hoped you enjoyed our countdown as much as we did making it. Stay inspired and driven. We’re rooting for you!

A very happy International Women’s Month to all!

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