Meet the characters of “Lisa Frankenstein,” starring Kathryn Newton, Cole Sprouse and Liza Soberano, your pre-Valentine’s movie, in cinemas Feb. 7

Lisa Frankenstein director Zelda Williams says that her enthusiasm for the film was rooted in her deep admiration for Diablo Cody’s singular voice as a screenwriter, especially when it comes to the characters in her stories.

“It’s clear immediately who these characters are, whether they’re for you or not. That sort of strong flavor choice will always be my cup of tea.”

Lisa Swallows (played by Kathryn Newton) 

In the wake of her mother’s murder, she barely speaks.  “She doesn’t think she matters very much.

Lisa Swallows

The Creature (Cole Sprouse) 

The Creature is the corpse that Lisa unintentionally brings back to life.  He feels immense gratitude toward Lisa that soon blossoms into genuine adoration. “Over time, I think the Creature realizes he’s deeply in love with Lisa,” Sprouse says. “He wants to be her protector, trying to make her feel heard and understood.”

The Creature

Taffy (Liza Soberano)

Taffy is the kind, if somewhat clueless, stepsister of Lisa.

Dale (Joe Chrest)

 “Dale is such a checked-out dad,” producer Mason Novick says. “Diablo writes a lot of dad characters who are just oblivious to what’s going on. I don’t want to say men in Diablo’s scripts are knuckleheads, but the focus of the conversations are on women. The father is around, and he’s really funny, but he’s not the one moving the story forward. He is very much the passive husband.”

Michael Trent (Henry Eikenberry)

Michael is Lisa’s crush whom she describes as an “intellectual punk dreamboat.”  “He’s so clueless,” says Eikenberry of his character.

Get ready for the funniest, goriest undead horror romance you’ll see all year when “Lisa Frankenstein,” directed by Zelda Williams (daughter of the late Robin Williams and herself part-Filipina) and distributed by Universal Pictures International, opens in cinemas February 7, just in time for Valentine’s Day! #LisaFrankensteinPH

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