QCinema 2020: What films should you watch?

qcinema 2020

Today is a great day for film enthusiasts out there, because QCinema 2020 is finally happening!

The popular local annual film festival, which has been presenting us with great titles over the past years, has gone virtual this year. While nothing can compare to the thrill of seeing these films inside cinemas, the excitement has not waned (although three films are for invite-only physical screening). Fans of the festival have been waiting for its opening because of the awesome films it has lined up.

So what should you watch? If you ask me, you won’t go wrong with any of the featured films that have made rounds in different festivals around the world, plus, a well-celebrated Oscar winner. It’s a mixed bag of foreign and local films that are, just like the previous years, sure to delight all movie lovers. Some QCinema faves are also coming back.

Parasite, the Oscar-winning masterpiece of Bong Joon Ho is the opening film and will screen physically to a select individuals on November 27, 2021.

Asian Special Edition

Death of Nintendo

A teenager and his friends enjoy their summer playing games during the early 1990s. This will screen physically and is by invitation only.





Genus, Pan (Lahi, Hayop)

A tale of three men who gives us a glimpse of how human beings can act like animals.






A single mother is on high alert when they bring home a young girl caked in clay, who brings tales of spirits and superstitions–and more strangers to their home.




Divine Love

A woman convinces couples on the verge of divorce to stay together through her bureaucratic job while trying to get pregnant.





True Mothers

A woman gets an expected visitor: the biological mother of her adopted child.





Corpus Christi

A reformed criminal wants to enter the seminary after his release, but is refused. So he puts on a cassock and ministers at a small town parish.




QCinema 2020 Highlights

Babae at Baril

A saleslady has had enough of being tormented by people and life, until one night, she discovers a gun and realizes how much power it can give her.




Balangiga: Howling Wilderness

It was 1901 and a young boy flees town with his grandfather and their carabao to escape the kill order of a certain general, only to find himself in a literal fight for survival against American occupiers.




Oda sa Wala

An old maid who has had enough of life suddenly finds herself enamored by a corpse that will soon change her life.






Different high school students find themselves facing the challenge of life, in and out of school.





New Horizons

Identifying Features

A mother travels across Mexico in search for her son, who authorities claim to have died while attempting to cross the border into the United States.

This will also screen physically to a select audience.




Crime. Violence. And the life of the homeless and street children.





Song Without A Name

At the height of the political crisis in Peru in the 80s, a young woman’s daughter is stolen from a fake health clinic. Her desperate search leads her to meeting a lonely journalist who takes on the investigation. Based on a true story.




Rainbow QC

End of the Century

Two men from different parts of the world hook up while in Barcelona, and soon find themselves in a decades-spanning relationship.




Suk Suk

Two closeted gay married men in their twilight years have a brief encounter and unleash years of suppression. They soon contemplate the possibility of a future together.




Before Midnight


An agnostic woman, on the verge of menopause, finds herself ready to take on life and new adventures–and maybe even lose her virginity.




Midnight in a Perfect World

Four friends in an almost-utopian city of Manila realizes that believing in the horrors of the night is not necessary, for they will come for them.





QCinema 2020 will stream via Upstream, via video on demand. Each movie costs P150 but you can also purchase the Bundle Code (P750) which allows you up to 5 films and a free QCinema merch.

Tickets are available at the website: https://qcinema.ph/ 


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