A cure at the cost of humanity. “Love You as the World Ends” takes audiences to the heart of the apocalypse

Humanity is at the brink of destruction, and the cure might entail the ultimate cost. Love You as the World Ends follows a group of survivors fighting for their lives and their loved ones as the Golem virus turns the majority of the human race into rabid zombies. 

Hotta Mayu plays the role of Aoi, a nurse stationed at the top of Utopia, a refuge for survivors. The research team tasked to find the cure made their base of operations on the top levels, and Aoi is a witness to the horrible atrocities the scientists committed in desperate search for the cure. Her main task is to care for Mirai, deemed the “Miracle Child,” as she is suspected to contain the cure for the Golem virus ravaging humanity. Mirai is the child of the lead character Hibiki, who is on a mission to save her from her fate, at the cost of ending the apocalyptic outbreak. His partner, Kurumi, was infected and consumed by the Golem virus, but managed to give birth to Mirai before succumbing. This has led the researchers to believe that Mirai might have the right antibodies to fight off the deadly virus. Aoi is being pursued by Yamato, who is desperately climbing up Utopia to reach the girl he loves.

An exclusive model for “Non-no” magazine, Hotta Mayu started out in drama series. She’s known for her roles in manga film adaptations such as Ikumatsu in  Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning, and Serina Kanno in the film adaptation of Honey Lemon Soda. Hotta won Best Newcomer in the 4th Yokohama film festival for her role in Tsugaru Lacquer Girl, and is the 48th Elan d’or Awards’ Newcomer of the Year.

Watch them try to survive long enough to reunite with their loved ones as Love You As The World Ends opens in PH cinemas on June 12, an Encore Films film distributed by Warner Bros.

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