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Bob10: Isekai anime that you should definitely watch

Isekai Anime

Isekai shows have been trending for the past 5-7 years and here at Bob10, we would like to give you our top choices so you won’t miss watching these great titles.

No Game no Life

Characters: Shiro, Sora, Stephanie Dola, Jibril, Tet

Anime Air Date: April 9, 2014
Synopsis: A Legendary gamer called Blank has been dominating every game there is. There’s not much known about them but in real life, they are two shut-ins who have low social skills and could be considered as people who won’t be able to function in society.
One day someone challenged them to a game of chess, it was a very tough battle even for them but they managed to defeat this guy. Turns out they have been battling against a God from another world and they offered them to be transported to that world. A world where anything from businesses to disputes can be settled by playing a game. Shiro and Sora battle against elves, angels, warbeasts, vampires and many more in order to elevate the status of what most consider as the lowest race in that world, the humanity (Imanity).

Why should you watch it: If you enjoy gaming from all platforms together with strategizing, dazzling color and lovable characters, then you’d enjoy this anime.
Every character has its own pride to uphold and the story goes beyond “just playing games”.

Sword Art Online

Release date: July 8, 2012

Characters: Kirito, Asuna, Klein
Synopsis: A New Game called Sword Art Online was released and players have gathered to play this new virtual reality game, as it turns out, you cannot escape the game unless people have finished it. When you die in the game, you die in real life.
We join our main protagonist Kirito as he embarks on an adventure to finish and escape the game.

Why should you watch it: The community has mixed feelings about this anime but no one could deny that this one started the trend of Isekai anime. With all the flashy fight scenes and straight forward simple plot. We join Kirito as he dived through the game. Making friends along the way and losing them. Kirito’s solo journey for self-improvement so that he could be stronger and won’t lose anyone is the main theme of the show that we could all relate to.

The Rising of the Shield Hero
Characters: Iwatani Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo, Malty Melromarc
Anime Air Date: January 9, 2019

Synopsis: Naofumi who loves to read, opens a book and was transported into a fantasy world where he was given a shield for a “weapon”. The people of the kingdom hates the shield hero because of past events leading to Naofumi’s mistreatment. He was cast out and has to strive on his own even making decisions that one would consider immoral yet remaining honest and true.

Why should you watch it: The synopsis is just a hint of the world in this story for we don’t want to spoil the show but it goes beyond that. The theme of the show is for our protagonist to open up to other people even if others mistreated him and given him unfair circumstances. You’d find yourself rooting for Naofumi one way or another, be it for the good or the bad. Definitely a show you must see.


Characters: Ainz Ooal Gown, Albedo, Shalltear Bloodfallen, Narberal Gamma.
Anime Air Date: July 7, 2015
Synopsis: Our protagonist wakes up stuck in the game in that’s suppose to have ended.
While not very excited on coming back to the real world and since he also cannot, he decided to play the game instead, only this time, the non-playable characters have their personalities and are now loyal henchmen who see him as the new Overlord.
He decided to conquer the land to pass time as he is also looking for his friends who might be stuck in the world too.

Why should you watch it: Overlord is a unique take on the Isekai genre for everyone who’s usually stuck in the game would want to come home. He has different motivations than the other anime of the same genre almost like an anti-hero and has now had to deal with things as the Supreme Overlord.

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Characters: Youji Itami, Lelei la Lalena, Rory Mercury, Tuka Luna Marceau, Piña Co Lada
Anime Air Date: July 4, 2015
Synopsis: An otaku named Itami is enjoying his free time as a Gate leading to another world opened out of nowhere, the gate then had dragons and soldiers flying around trying to conquer Japan. Forced to take actions Itami decided to postpone his hobby and help fight off the invading forces. As it turns out Itami is a soldier who only does it because it pays well and could support his expensive hobby. Later he was sent to be on a mission to explore the Gate and to his surprise, the world is filled with magical creatures and races that he could only see in comics and anime.

Why should you watch it: Gate is a story filled with new encounters and building new relationships with people that you could only imagine in a comic. Itami as he is, is a goofy relatable guy with the same hobby with the most of us with an addition of him being a military guy making him a badass among us. His encounters are filled with laughter and you could find yourself asking what would you have done in those situations. The theme of the anime is both light and heavy as the story progresses and we’re still hoping for the story to continue.


That time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Characters: Tempest Rimuru, Izawa Shizue, Shion, Shuna, Benimaru, Tempest Veldora, Ranga
Anime Air Date: October 2, 2018
Synopsis: In another world, Rimuru was reincarnated as a slime. Being the reborn as the weakest monster he had to consume stuff in order to gain their abilities, Growing stronger each day, he met Veldora, perhaps the strongest dragon in history. Veldora is caged and cannot escape. Being alone in that cage he made friends with Rimuru, a brotherhood even. Both of them decided that using Rimuru’s skill he’d eat the barrier with him inside thinking it would be better than him being stuck in that place.
with his newly acquired power, Rimuru decided to build a place for monsters and alike to live peacefully.

Why should you watch it: It’s a story that involves characters trying to find themselves a place where they belong, coming from different places, the interactions with the characters feels genuine and lively. The story also tries to solve everyone’s qualms
while also dealing with external problems in the communities that they are in. Truly a good anime to watch if you want to watch something light that also leaves you feeling good.

Log Horizon
Characters: Shiroe, Akatsuki, Naotsugu, Nyanta
Anime Air Date: October 5, 2013
Synopsis: The most popular game ElderTale comes with a new update and it put the players of the game inside of itself. With no way of exit, people have spun into chaos leading to a chaotic community. Shiroe decided to make a move, keeping order in the community while also finding ways on how to get back to the real world. As he uncovers secrets he discovers more and more about the world of ElderTale and together with the help of his comrades are faced with a lot of adventures.

Why should you watch it: A very smart Isekai that tackles human morality and economics, It’s not as flashy as its counterparts but it still have them flashy fights. It is definitely a show with rich characters and you could tell each of them have different personalities and seeing them engage each other in the rich world of ElderTale truly makes this show great.

Re: Zero
Characters: Subaru Natsuki, Rem, Ram, Emilia, Roswaal
Anime Air Date: April 4, 2016
Synopsis: Subaru finds himself transported to a new world thinking that he’s going to have the best time of his life. Right off the bat, he’s been mugged by a few people but luckily he was saved by a girl named Emilia. In return, he insisted on helping her to find an insignia. Bad luck struck them and he finds himself cursed as he has experienced death for the first time when they were murdered in search of it. He gets resurrected every time he dies going through all the suffering time and time again until he gets it right.

Why should you watch it: Subaru is a man who’d go through any lengths to fulfill what he’s set his eye unto. You’d have yourself relating to the main character not just personally but you could even sometimes feel his suffering. Even still you’d be rooting for Subaru as he has this unyielding tenacity even with all the things that he has faced, over and over again.


The Saga of Tanya the Evil
Characters: Tanya Degurechaff, Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakova, Hans von Zettour Erich von Rerugen, Being X
Anime Air Date: Jan 6, 2017
Synopsis: Being an awful person, a sales executive punished by a self-proclaimed god sent her to a world where war is rampantly fought with magic and science. Telling him that if he won’t believe in him he’d stop the reincarnation and that’s the end of his life. Wanting to survive Tanya is forced to call upon Being X’s name every time she’s in a pinch. As a result of battles she’s won, her country persevered and became a might to be feared among nations.

Why should you watch it: Intense strategical and military actions with a hint of magic, This one is not your typical Isekai. The show revolves around Tanya upholding her pride against a being that she doesn’t believe to be God. Ascending the ranks so she could give the fatherland peace that he once knew.

Characters: Satou Kazuma, Megumin, Darkness, Aqua
Anime Air Date: January 14, 2016
Synopsis: Kazuma was reincarnated in a fantasy world where he is tasked to kill the Demon King. Stuck with very bad luck and companions that no one wants to be on their team, Kazuma is on his journey to get stronger and survive.

Why should you watch it: It’s a slapstick comedy with all the elements of your typical Isekai but with less flashy characters but that’s not the con of this anime. Kazuma’s way of handling the scenarios using his not so helpful comrades is what makes this show great. Everyone has fleshed-out simple personalities and imperfections but still very charismatic and lovable.

Honorable Mentions

Re: Creators

The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Familiar of Zero


Digimon Adventure

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