Horror hit “Insidious: The Red Door” to hold more midnight screenings this weekend

Manila, July 13, 2023 – When is the most terrifyingly good time to watch a horror movie?

At night in an empty boardwalk with musketeers! Due to popular demand, Insidious The Red Door will hold night wireworks this weekend, July 15 and 16, on indeed further defenses than on the film’s opening day and opening weekend.

As further and further people post about their screaming good time watching the film during the witching hour, cult have set up that night wireworks are a unique experience not to be missed. A popular social post of a cinema chain inviting moviegoers “ to fulfill their empty boardwalk chase agony ” has also agitated and challenged numerous to witness the terror of Insidious The Red Door at night.

Check out the list of playhouses offering weekend night shows below. Due to demand of horror suckersplayhouses offering night wireworks may still be expanded.

On its first weekend, Insidious: The Red Door opened at No. 1, breaking the year’s opening weekend record in the Philippines with a monumental P205.6 million in five days (July 5 to 9), on 542 screens in 206 locations. This result is also the biggest opening weekend for horror films all-time in the Philippines.

Insidious: The Red Door brings the original cast (Patrick WilsonTy Simpkins and Rose Byrne) back together for the epic conclusion to the terrifying saga of the Lambert family. Directed by Wilson and produced by Jason BlumOren PeliJames Wan, and Leigh Whannell, the much-anticipated horror film is now showing in cinemas.

Don’t miss the horror event of the year, bring all your friends, and book your tickets now:

SM Cinemas https://bit.ly/InsidiousTheRedDoorAtSMCinema

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