Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman play hilarious opposites in raunchy comedy “No Hard Feelings”

Jennifer Lawrence has always wanted to make a comedy, but she just couldn’t find the right one.

Enter No Hard Feelings.

For Lawrence, it was a pleasure to do “something totally different… a totally different genre, with fun scenes and ridiculous dialogue that got me excited! Shooting this movie, alongside a brilliant and hilarious cast, was so much fun.”

One of those castmates is Andrew Barth Feldman, who plays the socially awkward Percy, whose wealthy helicopter parents post a job listing looking for someone to “date” their introverted son before he leaves for college. This is the job listing that Lawrence’s Maddie responds to so she can save her childhood home.

The filmmakers thought that the role of Percy might be difficult to cast – and indeed, they conducted an extensive casting process – but one candidate kept rising to the top: Broadway breakthrough Feldman. “When Andrew walked in, we all knew immediately that he was the one,” says Lawrence.

Writer-director Gene Stupnitsky was incontinently impressed. “ We saw Andrew on the alternate day, and right down, I allowed , ‘ He’s so good, ’” says Stupnitsky. “ He just nailed it. He nailed the comedy, he nailed the emotion. We went and saw a lot of other people – but I was relaxed, because I knew we had Andrew. It was clear, he was always the bone . ”

Stupnitsky says that the chemistry between Lawrence and Feldman started strong and only got stronger through product – and that relationship, that feeling of trust and give– and- take in a fellow actorencouraged boldparlous performances from both of them. “ In his investigation with Jennifer, they had amazing chemistry, ” he says. “ There’s commodity that was going on in their dynamic that I was n’t indeed completely apprehensive of. From day one, their connection was so strong – she could put herself out there, and that would force him to go out as well, to meether.However, he ’d go there, If she pushed him. ”

“ Jen is down for effects that other people would not be, for sure, ” says Feldman, “ effects that are bogarting for me to indeed suppose about. I could n’t do so much of the stuff that she’s doing in this movie in a million timesIndeed when she has been hysterical , she shows up, and she works reallyreally hard, and she does it. ”

Watch Lawrence and Feldman’s amazing chemistry in No Hard Feelings, opening across Philippine cinemas June 21.

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