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Joaquin Phoenix wins Golden Globes Best Actor for ‘Joker’

Joaquin Phoenix for Joker

Joaquin Phoenix received the Best Actor award in the Golden Globes for his role as Arthur Fleck in the hit movie of 2019 “Joker”.

He addressed how grateful he was to the people he has worked with especially all of his mentors and director Todd Phillips.

He is very thankful for the great collaboration and jokingly thanked them for putting up with him for being a pain in the a**.

Being straight forward as he is, He mentioned that there’s no best actor for he is just a student of the other nominees yet felt honored to just be mentioned with them.He in a way dissed the awards by saying it’s a way to sell T.V. shows.

Joaquin was also thankful that the focus of the Hollywood press was the connection of animal agriculture and climate change.

He mentioned the people that wished for Australia yet he did point out that we need to do more than just that.

As for his final words, Joaquin was very humble and grateful for the people that he has worked with yet again saying he’ll also try to do better.

A very honest true to his words kind of man, Joaquin Phoenix is very much deserving of this award and we’re looking forward to his future projects.

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