NETFLIX announces upcoming action-comedy film: Officer Black Belt

Officer Black Belt is a riveting action-comedy film that masterfully intertwines the lives of a probation officer and a “martial arts officer”, as they fight crime in their own special and relentless ways. The film is directed by Jason Kim of Netflix series Bloodhounds, which reached the Global Top 10 TV (Non-English) list in 83 countries.

In this forthcoming filmtop star Kim Woo- bin( Black Knight) portrays the unique character of a martial trades sensation who has an emotional aggregate of nine dans( meaning species) in Taekwondo, Kendo, and Judo. This ordinary yet extraordinary youthful man with a knack for crime discovery is anticipated to enthrall cult with his mix of charm and martial prowess.

The story kicks off with Kim Woo- bin’s character saving a “ martial trades officer ” from a miscreant’s assault – an officer that mates with a exploration officer solely for physically dangerous situations. As a result of this stalwart deliverance, Kim Woo- bin’s character is made a temporary “ martial trades officer ” for five weeks.

As a devoted exploration officer, Kim Sung- kyun’s character recognizes the exceptional bents of Kim Woo- bin’s character and suggests he take on a endless part as a “ martial trades officer ”, marking the launch of this brace’s crime– fighting adventures.

Officer Black Belt delves into the instigative realm of officers who keep the community safe through their fellowship and special crime– busting chops. This unique action– comedy conception will be directed by Jason Kim, the director of Midnight Runners and the recent megahit series Bloodhounds.

Officer Black Belt will be released simply on Netflix.

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