Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” conquers box office on its global opening weekend

Director Ridley Scott’s action epic Napoleon has reigned supreme at the box office, exceeding expectations with a victorious $78.8 million gross on its global opening weekend, including $46.3 million from international markets.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix as the famed French emperor, and Vanessa Kirby as his wife Josephine, the film debuted at No. 1 in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. Napoleon has yet to open in most parts of Asia, including the Philippines, where it will open November 29.

Joaquin Phoenix, director Ridley Scott and Vanessa Kirby at the Paris premiere of Napoleon on November 14. The film would go on to debut at No. 1 in France.

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Directed by Paul King, with a script heco-wrote with Simon Farnaby. Produced by David Heyman, Alexandra Derbyshire and Luke Kelly.

Produced by Apple Original Films and distributed in the Philippines by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International, Napoleon opens in cinemas November 29. Connect with the hashtag #Napoleon

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