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Trese, A Filipino Horror Anime adaption is coming to Netflix.

The streets of Manila is known to be an unsafe place to be in the Philippines. There are cases of mysterious deaths and disappearances. But what if these phenomena were not caused by regular people? Welcome, Trese.

Who are we to call for unexplained events that common people cannot comprehend?

Enter Alexandra Trese. The protagonist of the award-winning comic named Trese. The mysterious woman who specializes in the supernatural. Alexandra Trese is a detective that the police calls for these special cases. Together with the (Twins) Kambal. They solve mysteries and deal with these threats from supernatural beings.

Expected to come to Netflix this in 2021, fans of the comics have been very impressed with the sneak peek that the streaming site posted on their social media accounts.

Created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldissimo, Trese’s first release was in December of 2005. Jay Oliva is an executive producer of the adaption. He was the man behind the storyboards of Batman The Dark Knight Returns, Flashpoint, Wonderwoman, Deadpool, Thor Ragnarok so we’re expecting a high valued animation on this one.

The world-building and the concept of Manila where the supernatural resides in the city is a very interesting one. A good example of this is what if a Nuno(dwarf-like nature spirit) that usually resides in a (mound)punso. Where would the Nuno be hiding? In a manhole. What if a Kapre were to reside in the city? He would be running a gang dealing with narcotics / illegal substances. It is a comic that stretches its hand at possibilities of putting Filipino folklore into a modern setting and that itself is amazing. Adding a variety of people and mythological creatures made this comic one of the bests.

For more information about the show. Watch and listen to the interview of the creators by clicking the video below.

Images source : Netflix

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