NETFLIX | Badland Hunters – Main Trailer & Key Art

    Badland Hunters marks a groundbreaking collaboration between acclaimed director Heo Myeong-haeng and international action star Don Lee known for his roles in hits like Train to Busan and Marvel’s Eternals. Scheduled for a global premiere on January 26, the film is already creating waves with its teaser trailer release.

    This film featuring Don Lee alongside Lee Hee-junLee Jun-youngRoh Jeong-eui, and An Ji-hye, promises to deliver an action-packed narrative set in a post-apocalyptic Seoul. Don Lee portrays “Nam San,” a formidable hunter navigating the treacherous wilderness of a world where chaos reigns supreme.The trailer offers glimpses of high-octane action and a gripping storyline, setting the stage for a cinematic experience that blends visceral combat scenes with a compelling narrative.

    In Badland Hunters, viewers will be transported into a desolate yet captivating landscape, where survival is a luxury and alliances are as unstable as the ruined world they inhabit. The film’s visuals, depicted in the stunning teaser, showcase a world torn asunder, with sprawling desolations and the raw brutality of nature.

    Badland Hunters will exclusively premiere on Netflix from January 26, 2024.