New on Netflix | February 2024 – Philippines

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    Avatar: The Last Airbender (Series) 
    Launch Date: February 22

    Netflix Avatar

    Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony — then everything changed. A live-action reimagining of the popular animated series.


    One Day (Series)
    Launch Date: February 8

    One Day

    After spending graduation night together, Emma and Dexter go their separate ways — but their lives remain intertwined. Based on David Nicholls‘ novel.

    Players (Film) 
    Launch Date: February 14

    Players with drinking alcohol

    A New York sports writer with a playbook of clever hookup schemes unexpectedly falls for a fling. Can she go from playing the field to playing for keeps? Gina Rodriguez, Damon Wayans Jr. and Tom Ellis (“Lucifer”) star in this cheeky, fast-paced rom-com.

    The Heartbreak Agency (Film)
    Launch Date: February 14

    The Heartbreak Agency

    When a skeptical journalist reluctantly participates in heartbreak therapy for an article, he ends up opening his heart to his charming therapist.

    Through My Window: Looking at You (Film) 
    Launch Date: February 23

    Looking at YouRaquel and Ares can’t forget each other, even while seeing other people. Can they reunite despite family pressure in the final chapter of the trilogy?


    A Killer Paradox (Series)
    Launch Date: February 9

    A Killer Paradox1

    When one accidental killing leads to another, an average college student finds himself stuck in an endless cat-and-mouse chase with a shrewd detective.

    House of Ninjas (Series)
    Launch Date: December 22

    House of Ninjas

    Years after retiring from their formidable ninja lives, a dysfunctional family must return to shadowy missions to counteract a string of looming threats.

    The Abyss (Film)
    Launch Date: December 23

    The AbyssAs the Swedish town of Kiruna sinks, Frigga finds herself torn between her family and her job as security chief at the world’s largest underground mine.

    Code 8 Part II (Film)
    Launch Date: February 28

    Code 8 Part 2

    In a city where people with powers are policed and oppressed, a former criminal must turn to a drug lord he despises to protect a teen from a corrupt cop. “Arrowverse” alums Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell reteam for this gritty sci-fi film directed by Jeff Chan.


    Comedy Chaos (Series) 
    Launch Date: February 16

    Comedy Chaosa

    After getting kicked out of his own company, a hapless man must juggle his delicate marriage and his struggling comedy club.

    The Missing (Film)
    Launch Date: February 24

    The Missing animation

    After the death of a family member, a troubled animator confronts buried memories while outrunning a mysterious alien from his past.

    ManSuang (Film)
    Launch Date: February 29


    Khem and Wan, two young men from Chachoengsao take on the mission to investigate the truth hidden inside Man Suang, the most luxurious and mysterious entertainment club in Siam.


    Orion and the Dark (Kids & Family)
    Launch Date: February 2

    Orion and the Dark animation

    A boy with an active imagination faces his fears on an unforgettable journey through the night with his new friend: a giant, smiling creature named Dark.

    Dee & Friends in Oz (Kids & Family)
    Launch Date: February 5

    Dee and Friends animation

    The mean Miss Ruby wants to shut down the Wonderful School of Oz and keep the magic all for herself — unless Dee and her friends can save the day!

    Luz: The Light of the Heart (Kids & Family)
    Launch Date: February 7

    Luz with family

    Raised by a kind Kaingang family after a tragedy, adventurous Luz launches a quest with her firefly companion to learn the truth about her roots.


    Let’s Talk About CHU (Series)
    Launch Date: February 2

    Let’s Talk About CHU

    Part-time vlogger Chu Ai uses her channel to speak candidly about sex. But in real life, she finds that subject to be so much trickier

    Raël: The Alien Prophet (Documentary)
    Launch Date: February 7

    Netflix Documentary

    Featuring interviews with his followers, critics and Raël himself, this docuseries traces how a UFO-inspired religion spiraled into a controversial cult.

    Ashes (Film)
    Launch Date: February 9

    Ashes partyFrom an intoxicating fantasy to a dangerous affair, a wealthy married woman finds her life irreversibly shattered after picking up an unpublished novel.

    Lover, Stalker, Killer (Documentary)
    Launch Date:February 9

    Lover, Stalker, Killer. carIn this twisting documentary, a mechanic tries online dating for the first time and meets a woman who takes romantic obsession to a deadly extreme.

    Kill Me If You Dare (Film)
    Launch Date: February 13

    Kill Me If You Dare featured image angry

    When a twist of fate reverses the fortune of their troubled marriage, Piotr and Natalia decide to stay together — but only until death do them part.

    Ready, Set, Love (Series)
    Launch Date: February 15

    Ready, Set, Love with 2 person

    In a world grappling with a dwindling male population, an unassuming woman becomes a contender in a government-sponsored dating competition.

    Mea Culpa (Film)
    Launch Date: February 23

    Mea Culpa poster with two person

    A criminal defense attorney must choose between family, duty and her own dangerous desires when she takes on the case of an artist accused of murder. Tyler Perry wrote, directed and produced this seductive romantic thriller starring Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes.

    The Mire: Millennium (Series)
    Launch Date: February 28

    netflix The Mire Millennium poster

    As the year 2000 draws near, officials investigate a local murder, a skeleton in Gronty forest and a string of horrifying abductions.