Priyanka Chopra Jonas plays her first global rom-com lead in “Love Again”

    In the heartwarming romantic comedy Love Again, Priyanka Chopra Jonas plays Mira Ray, a character that is more vulnerable than the Hollywood roles she’s known for.

    “Mira is a very gentle character,” says Chopra Jonas. “I’ve played some very tough characters, so I was looking forward to tapping into my vulnerable side, reaching into the deep places in the heart. I’m a Cancer and a massive romantic – I really do believe in love and goodness. As cheesy as it might sound, it makes the world go around.”

    Love Again tells the story of Mira Ray, a talented children’s book author and illustrator who deals with the loss of her fiancé by sending a series of romantic texts to his old cell phone number – without knowing that the number is currently being used by a different guy. Love Again, which also stars Sam Heughan and Celine Dion, opens exclusively in SM Cinemas on May 10.

    “ Priyanka has such a important presence, ” says Jim Strouse, pen and director of the movie. “ She’s the beating heart and soul of this film. You really feel what she feels. ”

    “ Priyanka was one of the first people to read the script about two times agone, ” says patron Esther Hornstein. “ She’s such a strong person, and she made sure that her character was n’t unresistant – that she’s in charge of her own lifefiguring goods out and doing it her own way. Priyanka also put analogous care to actually making sure that her character does n’t feel like a generality, which is doubly important because I ’m told that Love Again is the first global point with an Indian woman in the preeminent part. ”

    Before meeting her magical match in Rob( played by Heughan), Chopra Jonas’s Mira Ray goes on a couple of dates that do n’t dis out. And thanks to a fun casting choicemovie cult get to see Chopra Jonas go on an epic fail movie date with her real– life husband, Nick Jonas, who plays a gem part in the film. “ We ’ve done a numerous goods before also and there, but noway a full scene, ” shares Jonas about his brief part. “ It was a greatnew experience for us. ”