Will You Stay a Monster or Will You Stay a Human Sweet Home Season 2 Teaser Poster Spotlights Hyun-su and His Wing

    Netflix has unveiled the teaser poster for Sweet Home Season 2. In a world where desire turns monstrous, Sweet Home Season 2 follows Green Home survivors and Hyun-su all fighting to survive in new places, while otherworldly beings and mysterious phenomena emerge.

    In the teaser poster, Hyun-su is featured spreading his spiked wing with the ruined stadium in the background. Helicopters have pinpointed their lights on him, as well as snipers, intensifying the suspense of what will unfold in the new season. Having fought against monsterization and serving as the one hope for Green Home residents, Hyun-su now faces a new dilemma: Will he remain a monster, or a human, in the outside world filled with other monsters?

    Song Kang, returning as a more complex and mature Hyun-su, says, “I always yearned for more emotional depth and dramatic elements for my character. Coming back to Sweet Home, I was able to satisfy much of that yearning, delving into more dramatic emotions, as well as allowing me to explore and understand myself and further grow.”

    Director Lee Eung-bok further explains that Season 2 “focuses on Hyun-su’s journey after surviving on the brink of despair, highlighting his unwavering determination to not give up on his humanity even until the very end.”

    Sweet Home fans have yet to see how Song Kang will portray Hyun-su’s inner struggles between his hope to remain human and accepting monsterization in order to protect other people, as well as his growth and sacrifices in the new season.

    Sweet Home Season 2 premieres on December 1, only on Netflix.