1 month to launch. “The Moon,” starring Sul Kyung-gu, EXO’s Doh Kyung-soo, and Kim Hee-ae, releases character posters

    The Moon, directed by Kim Yong-hwa, is a gripping, emotional, epic-action, and one of Korea’s highly anticipated films of the year. It will open across the Philippines on AUGUST 16.

    In The Moon, Korea’s first manned charge to the moon ends in a woeful disaster when an explosion occurs on board. Seven times latterly, a alternate mortal spaceflight is launched successfully but a strong solar wind causes it to malfunction. One astronaut Sun- woo( DOH) is left stranded in spaceFacing another fatal catastrophe, the Naro Space Center turns to its former managing directorDr. Kim( SUL) to help bring Sun- woo back home safely.