‘Guns Akimbo’ trailer is out featuring Daniel Radcliffe!

guns akimbo movie poster

Daniel Radcliffe is back and this time he’s not holding a wand, but two guns, in Guns Akimbo.

Guns Akimbo is an action comedy film starring our favorite British lad, Daniel who plays the role of Miles.

Miles is a video game developer who was forcefully dragged to participate on a Skizm death battle by giving him guns, bolted in his hands.

He now has to face the top player of the game, Nix.
Miles must kill Nix in 24 hours or he dies.

Daniel isn’t new to action films, he’s been a soldier in My Boy Jack and a police officer in Imperium and Daniel in action train isn’t showing any signs of stopping anytime soon.


but let’s stop for a second and really highlight the reason why we want to watch this film.

it’s this picture of Daniel holding two guns back in 2018 that became a meme is the reason for the hype of this movie.

guns akimbo daniel radcliffe

image source: Gamespot


guns akimbo scenes

but memes aside

the movie also stars Samara Weaving, famous for Netflix’s movie The Babysitter and Ready or Not.

image source: IMDB


Guns Akimbo is directed by Jason Lei Howden and is set to be released on March 5th, 2020

image source: IMDB


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